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Freelancing Overview
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Layers Features

Layers Payments

Payment is the core of every work. Web2-based freelancing platforms use payment networks such as Stripe to enable payments on the platform and they have to work with different banks to enable payments in the region. In web3 the payments are crypto-based and they settle on blockchain networks.

Layers is using smart contracts to provide better control and transparency over payments.

Layers is offering smart contract-based escrow for freelancing so freelancers can make sure to get paid. Layers escrows run on decentralized public blockchains, providing all the benefits of decentralized escrow services.

Payments have been designed for all types of freelancing payment which include the following:

  • Flat Payments
  • Milestone Based Payments
  • Recurring Payments
  • Benefits of Layers Payment Network

    Smart Contract-Based Conditional Payments

    The Money is controlled by smart contracts running on the blockchain network with pre-defined logic and it can be released based on the conditions defined in it which provides the users control over how they want to handle the payments.

    Transparent Logic

    The Logic of a smart contract is on the public blockchain network, anyone with an internet connection can verify it and monitor the payments on the blockchain to get the assurance that it’s working as defined in the smart contract.

    No Third Party, users are in full control

    The logic of escrow has been defined in a way that provides the users full control over their money about how and when it should be released. The removal of third parties leads to lower fees because there is no middleman to take their cut.

    Volatility Resistant

    Cryptocurrencies are volatile and their prices fluctuate a lot that’s why Layers allows payment settlement in stablecoins like USDC and USDT to make sure the value of money is constant over time.


    Layers helps users build proof-of-earning which helps prove that the money is being earned or paid.

    Once Money is deposited in the escrow it’s not just the client’s money, freelancer have right over it too.