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Traditional freelancing platforms are filled with hidden fees and lack transparency. Layers is here to empower you with a secure, blockchain-based solution. Sign up for free and experience the difference.


Decentralized Freelancing Portfolio

While some focus on obscure charges and limited oversight, your success deserves brighter solutions. At Layers, we strive to empower creative talent through clarity and control over hard-earned skills and accomplishments.

Decentralized Profiles

Layers empowers you with a secure, tamper-proof profile built on the blockchain. This means you control your data, and potential clients can easily verify your skills and experience.

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Portfolio in Minutes

Layers integrates seamlessly with Figma and Github to automatically generate a dynamic and professional portfolio showcasing your best work. Highlight your skills, projects, and achievements – all in one place.

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Invite and Earn

Earn passive income by inviting new users to Layers. Every successful referral means you get paid when they earn. This is a great way to support the platform's growth and earn some extra income.

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Connect with Top Clients

Layers is building a robust job board that connects qualified freelancers with verified clients. Find high-quality projects that match your skills and experience, and build a successful freelance career.

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Get Your Free Layers ID to build a stunning free portfolio in minutes.

Built on blockchain for true ownership, this permanent profile allows you to showcase your talents to the world while retaining full control over your hard-earned professional identity and reputation.

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Ditch the PDFs. Built a decentralized portfolio.

Stop wasting time on outdated PDFs and portfolio websites. Layers integrates with Figma and Github to automatically generate a stunning, dynamic portfolio that showcases your best work and skills. Land your dream freelance gigs faster than ever before.

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Building a Community Oriented Roadmap


We are integrating with some of the top technologies to make your work easier. 

FIGMA Plugin

Github Integration



Our primary aim is to build for freelancers and clients; our users. No compromise. 

Portfolio & Resume Creator

Soul Bound IDs

On-Chain Experience


Whats freelancing if you are not getting paid? No matter where you are, get paid in crypto.

Referral / Invite to Earn

Gas Free


Built by Freelancers, For Freelancers.

With Layers, you oversee where, when, and how far your expertise is showcased while retaining full sovereignty over your online reputation, freeing you from the restrictions of centralized control. The stage framing starts now. Set up your premier presence on a system that uplifts all outside centralized control.

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More Than Just a Portfolio: The Future of Freelancing is Here.

Layers isn't just about creating a stunning portfolio. It's a one-stop shop for all your freelance needs. Here's a glimpse of what's coming soon.

Are you a business looking to hire talent or manage freelancers?

Stop wasting time on outdated PDFs and portfolio websites.


Earn instant rewards by completing quick, bite-sized tasks like surveys and data entry. (Highlight the flexibility and quick income potential)


Showcase your skills and compete for exciting projects. Clients post bounties and award the best freelancer. (Emphasize the competitive aspect and opportunity to land high-value jobs)


Find flexible, short-term freelance work that fits your schedule. Get paid hourly, weekly, or monthly. (Focus on the variety of work options and income streams)


Land long-term, secure projects with top clients. Layers verification ensures you connect with the best talent. (Highlight the potential for stability and connections with high-quality clients)


Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering the autonomous workforce is our guiding mission. While the portfolio remains the cornerstone for verifying your expertise, there remains more we can offer.

How can I view the product roadmap?

See the roadmap here.

What should one expect in upcoming Launch?

Build a better portfolio and join a robust freelancing community with Layers. Benefit from the Layers Earning Program to grow and earn while you connect with potential clients.

Can users suggest new features or improvements?

Yes, Join the community on discord, tag us on twitter or send a email at

What platforms does Layers support?

Layers is currently a web app and can be accessed at (layers web link) with mobile, laptop and tabs.

When will I be able to earn on Layers?

Layers portfolios are shareable and comprehensive, making it easy for clients to understand, verify, and hire freelancers. Launching in Q4, Layers Gigs will allow users to earn by completing jobs.

What is Layers?

Layers is a decentralized freelancing protocol built on blockchain technology to empower freelancers and clients with greater transparency, security, and control over their data and transactions.

What is Layers ID?

Layers ID is a unique and secure digital identity designed to provide users with a personalized, decentralized experience in the freelancing realm and beyond. It acts as a gateway to decentralized work opportunities across various platforms in the Web3 world. Join our Discord community today to learn how to mint your ID.

What Makes Layers Different from it's competitors?

What sets Layers apart from its competitors is its innovative approach to freelancing. Built on blockchain technology, Layers offers a secure and transparent platform that allows freelancers to own their professional profiles and data. With seamless integration with tools like Figma and Github allows freelancers to automatically generate dynamic and professional portfolios, showcasing their skills and achievements.

Who can join Layers?

Layers is an invite-only community, as a member of the Layers community, you'll have access to exclusive opportunities to work on high-quality projects and collaborate with other talented freelancers as well as a unique digital identity that showcases your skills and reputation. Click the link below to sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive updates from Layers.

How Will the Layers help you build a better portfolio?

Layers integrate seamlessly with popular design tools like Figma and Github to automatically generate dynamic and professional portfolios showcasing your best work. This feature enables you to highlight your skills, projects, and achievements in a visually appealing manner, making your portfolio stand out to potential clients.

What is Layers Decentralized Profiles?

Layers ID is a soul-bound NFT (non-transferrable) that serves as a decentralized freelance ID for users. This ID is attached to all the data and activities a user generates on the Layers platform.

How to earn with Layers?

One way to earn with Layers is by inviting new users to the platform. Every successful referral means you get paid when they earn, providing a passive income stream that supports the platform's growth and allows you to earn extra income. Layers also provides a robust job board that connects qualified freelancers with verified clients.

What are fee and charges on Layers?

Free for now, more announcements coming soon - follow us on twitter

How would Layers help you play long-term in freelancing?

With Layers, freelancers have full ownership and control over their data. They can decide what information to share and with whom, empowering them in the decentralized freelancing space. Layers is building a robust job board that connects qualified freelancers with verified clients.

Is there a Layers token coming?

We believe in delivering value first. Currently, there are no plans for a token, but we will do what is needed by the community.

What is the Layers Earn Program?

The Layers Earn Program aims to help users refer people in their network and receive a small portion of their earnings.

Who is behind the Layers?

Layers is an initiative by Neue World and is currently built and maintained by the Neue World Team. Soon, it will be open for community contributions.

What Profession skillset is available on Layers?

Currently Layers is onboarding skilled Designers and Developers.

How to hire on Layers?

Current not opened for hiring, follow social media for updates or shoot a mail at so we can help you with personalized onboarding when open for business.

Why should I hire freelancers from Layers?

Layers helps to reduce the hiring time and saves from potential frauds with proof-of-work based portfolios.

Do Layers vet freelancers?

Not yet, but in the future we have services that will vet and match the perfect freelancer for your business

What are the fees and charges on Layers?

Free for now, more announcements coming soon - follow us on twitter.

Ready to start your freelance career?

Layers isn't just about creating a stunning portfolio. It's a one-stop shop for all your freelance needs. Here's a glimpse of what's coming soon:

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Decentralized Freelancing

Layers is a decentralized freelancing platform built on Polygon Technology to help you seamlessly level up as a freelancer and earn in crypto.

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Read on for expert tips on how to network effectively and grow your professional network. This is our take on how you can level up your freelancing game.

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Potential of Layers as a product is endless, our vision is to complete suite of decentralized tools for freelancers within Web3.

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To create a more equitable, transparent, & efficient ecosystem for freelancers and clients alike, eliminating the common pain points.

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8% - 10%

lowest fee’s & a lot of features

Layers is a blockchain-based protocol that will enable freelancers and clients to work together securely and with greater transparency.

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New freelancer don’t understands how legal contracts work in a project. We want to make this easier by predefining templates for different industries, so both parties can focus on work rather than legalities.

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Features we release can be eventually used individually or in combination; this will providers user the ability to pay for what they need. Zero fees for unwanted features. Benefit from what you need and want.

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Every contract has disputes, to tackle that we are building a Governance Token, Structure and Voting Rights. By building a 3 Layer dispute system, it will be mediated with utmost care to tackle any sort of issues.

reputation management

Data is owned by Users and no one else. Imagine how you can see rating of your Uber Driver, his reviews and his feedback. While he can see yours as well.

Layers protocol freelancer


Scope of Work, Timelines and Milestones defined and stored.This means no more scope creep, no unclear briefs and no miscommunication. Everything needs to be predefined.

Layers protocol contracts


Contracts are linked to Payments and it’s Terms. 34% of workers would opt to receive 20-40% of their income in crypto; 21% would opt to receive 40-60% of their income in crypto.

Layers protocol freelancer escrow

archive for your freelancing

Layers is a blockchain-based protocol that will enable freelancers and clients to work together securely and with greater transparency.

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