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On-Chain Experience

What is On-chain Experience

Experience in freelancing is mostly about how many jobs the freelancer has done or how many the client has provided and the data associated with each job like what was the work, what were the payment amounts, how the jobs ended, Did the Freelancer completed jobs successfully. These data points together to build the experience.

Currently, all these data points are stored inside the databases of the platforms and it possesses major risks such as central point of failure, less or no transparency, platforms having control over data, and many others and they push to trust the third parties (platforms) for data and users being stuck on a platform.

Can you use your client reviews outside the current platforms you are using?

The Blockchain helps to build such systems where the users aren’t stuck on a platform they can move their data and use it however they want, they don’t need to trust the platform for any type of data and it can always verified independently before starting the work, and they have full control over how their data can be used.

With an on-chain approach, the necessary data such as contracts, work, payments, and testimonials will be stored on-chain.

Benefits of On-chain Experience


On-chain data can be viewed by any authorized party and the party can check the whole history of every piece of data such as who added it, when it was added, when it was modified, what was it before modification, and many more points can be verified, thus verification becomes easy and trustless. The parties don't need to trust each other, they only have to trust the data and every piece of it can be cross-verified.


Traditional freelancing platforms use data servers to store user’s data but the technical drawback with them is they can’t provide trustlessness, ownership, and portability with data.

Layers stores data generated through every interaction on the blockchain networks which acts as the proof-of-history. Only the user can authorize parties to fetch the data from the blockchain. Storing and manipulation of data happens through smart contracts and data related to a user can only be generated by the respective user.

Interoperability & Portability

Data is stored on the decentralized blockchain networks and owned by the users. It opens the door for portability, users can be on multiple platforms built on the Layers with the same data on each one and get exposed to more opportunities.

On-chain means data being stored on blockchain.

Here is a small story explaining how on-chain experience would look in the real world 👇🏽

Sarah, a client, and John, a freelancer, find themselves on Layers a blockchain-based decentralized freelancing. Unlike traditional platforms, Layers uses on-chain data for contracts, work, payments, and testimonials.

For Sarah, the blockchain's transparency means she could see John's impeccable track record—every contract and testimonial that is there, unchangeable and authentic. She hires John to design her website, and as he is working, each milestone is being recorded on the blockchain. This not only reassures her about the project's progress but also automatically triggers payments upon completion.

The real magic, however, is in the freedom this on-chain approach provides. Sarah and John aren’t bound to this single platform. The data belonged to them, stored securely in the blockchain, accessible and verifiable anywhere, anytime. This freedom from vendor lock-in meant they could showcase their work and reliability on multiple platforms without losing their hard-earned reputations.

In future projects, this on-chain history became their greatest asset. Sarah could hire with confidence, knowing she could verify a freelancer's history. For John, each job well done enhanced his digital portfolio, visible across platforms, winning him more clients.

Their work became a testament to how blockchain transformed freelancing, making it a world of trust, freedom, and endless possibilities.