the challenges

Fragmented Identities in a
Multi-Platform World

Freelancers spend an average of 13 hours per week looking for new jobs and clients, according to Upwork’s ‘Freelancing in America’ report. One major bottleneck is the time-consuming and often redundant verification processes on various platforms. Even worse, 35% of freelancers have faced at least one instance of not being paid for their work, partly because trust mechanisms are either weak or too fragmented to be reliable

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In today's digital age, the average freelancer juggles between 3 to 5 freelancing platforms, each with its own profile and reputation system. This fragmentation makes it difficult to consolidate one's portfolio and credentials, leading to lost opportunities and reduced visibility.

Every freelancer wears multiple hats on a daily basis, including but not limited to being and trying to keep up with

managing 3 - 5 platform
Job Seeker
regularly update portfolio
Data Entry
be active on social media
Social Media Manager
promote yourself
Marketing Manager
find leads
Lead Generation
learn new skill
And a lot more
Jack of all, Expert of None

one id to rule them all

introducing the layers solo id

Meet Layers ID, the ultimate trust-builder in the freelance ecosystem. Through a seamless, one-time verification process, we authenticate your credentials and skills, making you a trusted entity across multiple freelancing platforms. No more repeated vetting, no more credibility issues. Layers ID brings the trust you earn in one place to everywhere you go, instantly.

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the solutions

what if we could unify the biggest problems into one single identity

Layers ID is designed with one goal in mind: to be the only ID you'll ever need as a freelancer. From bidding on projects to showcasing your portfolio, our decentralized ID takes care of it all. No middlemen, no hassles—just a direct, secure, and personalized route to success.

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claim user id
Your Layers ID NFT offers an immutable, unified identity that goes wherever your work takes you.
With Layers Vault, get exclusive access to decentralized storage system that you can call your own.
No need to worry about legalities when the contract is drafted for you, just add the basic details.
create invoices
Our system will generate automated invoices once the work has started or ended with reminders.
track projects
Working on a project is one thing, but being able to track progress is important as well. We'll help you there.
get paid
Once every aspect of freelancing is automated, all you have to focus is on doing your work.
exclusive access to Figma, Chrome, and GitHub plugins that automate your information sync.
Exclusive access to seminars tailored for designers and devs to continually improve your skill set.
Get your hands on mockups, graphic assets, and much more to elevate your work.
Join a network of like-minded freelancers to share experiences, tips, resources and opportunities.
and there is so much more

Our integrations

Imagine if you never had to sync your work - ever!
Imagine a world where your creativity flows seamlessly, uninterrupted by the tedious task of updating your portfolio across platforms. With Layers ID, that world becomes your reality. Our future integrations with Figma, GitHub, and WebFlow are designed to sync your work automatically the moment you link it to a project. No more manual updates, no more fragmented portfolios. Just pure, undiluted focus on what you do best: creating.
here’s how you can mint your own layers id
Claim Your Soul-Bound, Immutable Freelance Identity in Just 7 Simple Steps.
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Claim Rules
T&C Applied
soul bound nfts
Your Layers ID NFTs are soul-bound to your wallet and are not transferable or sellable. Squatting is pointless and unfair to other users.
one id per wallet
We strictly allow only one User ID per wallet to prevent squatting. Remember, this is your identity as a Freelancer.
anti-squatting policy
If you are found squatting multiple User IDs, we reserve the right to block your access. No one can actually sell these IDs.
How to Claim
visit the mint page
Navigate to the official Layers ID NFT mint page to start the process.
Claim your ID.
connect your wallet
Link your preferred crypto wallet to proceed. New to crypto wallets? Learn how to create one here. Unsure about adding the MATIC network? Here's a guide.
type in the user id you want to claim
Select a unique User ID that you'd like to mint as your Layers ID NFT. Keep it simple and do not complicate it.
click veryfy and Wait
Because the transaction needs to be approved from the Blockchain it will take sometime depending on the network traffic. Do not close the window or refresh the page.
pay gas fee
Confirm and pay the nominal gas fee associated with the minting process. Note: The mint itself is free; you are only responsible for the gas fee.
Receive Confirmation Email
Once the transaction is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email outlining the next steps.
post it on social media for a free gift
Interested in receiving free merchandise from The Layer to show that you are a proud independent Freelancer? Tweet it and tag us @layersprotocol.
frequently asked question
Some of the questions we are usually asked about Layers ID and the purpose.
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Updated October 2023
What is Layers ID NFT?
Layers ID NFT is your decentralized, immutable identity on the blockchain, designed for freelancers to unlock a myriad of benefits and opportunities.
Why do I need an email for verification?
Email verification is crucial to prevent username squatting and ensure that each Layers ID is unique and tied to a single individual.
What are the costs involved?
Minting your Layers ID is free. You'll only need to pay the network's gas fees.
Is it secure?
Absolutely. Your data is encrypted and stored securely on the blockchain, accessible only via your unique NFT.
Can I sell or transfer my Layers ID NFT?
No, Layers IDs are 'soul bound,' meaning they are non-transferable. This is to prevent ID squatting and maintain the integrity of each unique ID.
What are the exclusive opportunities?
As a Layers ID holder, you'll gain access to exclusive gigs, seminars, resources, and a community network to supercharge your freelance career.
How do the plugins work?
Our plugins seamlessly integrate with Figma, Chrome, and GitHub to sync your information, making you easily discoverable by potential clients.
What is the community aspect?
Join a network of freelancers to share knowledge, resources, and opportunities. It's a community built to mutually uplift its members.
What if I violate the one ID per wallet rule?
Violators will be blocked. The goal is to maintain a fair and equitable platform for all users.
How can I join the waitlist?
Simply click the 'Sign up for our waitlist' button and enter your name and email. You'll be among the first to claim your Layers ID when it launches.