1. Introduction

Layers Vault uses cookies to improve user experience and ensure the functionality of our platform. This Cookies Policy outlines the types of cookies we use, their purpose, and your rights regarding these cookies.

2. Types of Cookies

We use session cookies in conjunction with JWT tokens to facilitate user authentication.

3. Purpose

The primary purpose of these cookies is for authentication, allowing users to prove their identity and log in to the platform.

4. Data Collected

The cookies used by Layers Vault do not collect personally identifiable information.

5. Duration

The session cookies will be stored on your device for a duration of 3 days.

6. Opt-Out

Currently, all cookies are necessary for the functioning of the platform, and users consent to their use by signing up. An opt-out option is not available at this time.

7. Third-Party Cookies

We have integrated third-party services that may use cookies, including Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook Pixel, HotJar analytics, and WebFlow. We recommend reviewing their respective privacy policies for more information.

8. User Consent

By signing up for Layers Vault, you consent to the use of cookies as described in this policy.

9. Geographic Scope

This Cookies Policy applies to users globally.

10. Updates

Updates to this Cookies Policy will be reflected by the "Last Updated" date on this page.

11. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this Cookies Policy, please contact us at hello@layers.foundation.