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If you have a company or a product within the Web3 space then you're in the right place. Layers is building a partnership that will help both the communities grow and reach new heights. Read more to understand what we can offer.

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About Layers Protocol

At Layers, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation, expand our horizons, and create exceptional experiences for our members and beyond. Layers Tribe is a community by Layers Foundation, a blockchain-based protocol that aims to enhance security and transparency within the freelance industry. Layers Protocol is a platform that aims for freelancers and clients to collaborate more effectively through a single, verifiable identity called "Layers ID.”

Why partner with us? 

Our partnership program is designed to create symbiotic relationships that benefit everyone involved - our partners, our community, and the broader ecosystem of design, technology, and freelancing.

Partner’s community will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive sessions with Layers Tribe's Agency Founder and Team. These sessions will cover various topics such as UI/UX, WebFlow, Graphics, and Design Strategy. This direct interaction with industry professionals can provide valuable insights and knowledge to enhance your skills and expertise.

Direct to Founder

Our founder has a track record of guiding, building and scaling companies from startups to enterprises specifically in the Middle East and United States. As a community, you will always have direct access to him and his resources.  

Mutual Growth

Through shared initiatives, we aim to amplify our partners' visibility and influence alongside our own, crafting a platform where growth is not just a goal but a guarantee. The purpose of the community is to add value, imagine doubling it with such a partnership.

Monthly Calls

There will be the chance to engage in monthly calls with both communities. These calls serve as a platform for networking, sharing ideas, and collaborating on projects. It allows for cross-pollination of creativity, innovation, and knowledge between like-minded individuals and organizations.


You have the opportunity to directly engage with the Layers Tribe community. This can be done through various channels such as Discord, events, webinars, & socials. By participating in these interactions, you can connect with community members on a personal level & build relationships.

Free Design Assets

Partners will receive $700 worth of design assets from Neue Store. This provides access to a wide range of high-quality design resources such as templates, graphics, icons, and more. These assets can be used to enhance your projects, save time, and maintain a professional aesthetic.

Strategic Services

Our founder owns Neue World, a design agency in UAE. Partners can connect with expert designers who can provide design services at subsidized rates. This is particularly beneficial for partners who require professional design assistance or want to outsource specific design tasks.


What is Layers Partnership Program?

Layers Tribe's Partnership Program is a collaborative initiative that aims to build symbiotic relationships with like-minded organizations and individuals in the design, development, and freelance communities. Through partnerships, Layers Tribe seeks to amplify visibility, drive innovation, and create exceptional experiences for partners and the broader ecosystem.

Who can become partners?

Layers Tribe's Partnership Program is open to a wide range of organizations and individuals, including design agencies, technology companies, freelancers, educational institutions, and industry influencers. We welcome anyone who shares our vision of fostering creativity, collaboration, and growth within the design and development community.

What are the benefits?

Partnering with Layers Tribe offers several benefits, including mutual growth opportunities, diverse collaboration prospects, and active engagement with our vibrant budding community. As a partner, you can gain visibility, access to exclusive content, cross-promotion, and the chance to share your expertise with our community. Additionally, Layers Tribe provides comprehensive support through marketing assistance, community integration strategies, and dedicated partnership managers.

How can I express my interest?

To express interest in partnering with Layers Tribe, simply fill out our brief partnership inquiry form. Provide some details about your organization, your goals, and how you envision collaborating with Layers Tribe. This will help us understand your needs and explore potential synergies.

What happens after I express my interest?

After expressing interest, Layers Tribe will schedule a discovery call with you. During this call, we'll discuss your partnership ideas, objectives, and how we can align our goals to create a mutually beneficial collaboration. We'll explore different partnership models and opportunities based on your specific needs.

What types of partnerships do you have?

Layers Tribe offers a range of partnership models tailored to meet the unique goals and requirements of our partners. These can include co-hosted webinars, joint projects, exclusive content creation, cross-promotion, and more. We believe in the power of diversity and flexibility, and we are open to exploring innovative partnership ideas.

Is there a cost associated?

The cost of partnering with Layers Tribe varies depending on the nature and scope of the collaboration. We understand that each partnership is unique, and we work closely with our partners to develop a mutually agreed-upon framework that aligns with their goals and resources but bear in mind that we are currently bootstrapped.

How long does the partnership last?

The duration of partnership agreements with Layers Tribe can vary depending on the specific collaboration and the goals of both parties. Partnership agreements can be short-term, project-based, or long-term, depending on the nature of the partnership and the desired outcomes.

How to get involved?

Add a brief summary about why we are giving benefits and what is the purpose of this.

Fill the form

Click on the button "Become a Partner" on this page and fill the details for the partnership. We will revert within a maximum of 24-28 hours.

Setup a call

We'll set up a meeting to discuss potential synergies and how we can tailor a partnership that aligns with our mutual goals. We have a lot to offer and a call helps put it together.

Plan Collaboration

Once we've hammered out the details, we'll embark on a partnership designed to foster innovation, engagement, and mutual success. A step by step instructions will be emailed or discussion over a call to facilitate for easy transition.


At Layers, we believe in execution and trying until we can figure out what works and what doesn't. We are heavily data driven with our approach. Execution is part of our DNA and we are heavily result oriented. Your success is equally our success here.

Minimum requirements

To have a more successfully thriving partnership, we do have a minimum requirements before we setup a call. This is based on the form that you will fill in.

You have a website

Minimum 100 Discord Members

Minimum 500 Twitter(X) followers

More than 1 Team Member

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