Become a Layers Contributor

The purpose of the Layers Contributors Program is to create a collaborative and supportive environment for web3 enthusiasts. Through these benefits the program is set to recognize and reward member contributions.

Become a Contributor

What is Layers Contributors Program?

Layers Contributors Program is a community-driven project that seeks to include people in the expansion and advancement of the Layers Protocol ecosystem. It gives Tech enthusiasts, Freelancers, developers, and contributors the chance to actively take part in development, testing, content production, marketing, and community involvement, among other project features.

Being a contributor in Layers Contributors Program is like being part of the cool crew building things with Layers Protocol. It is our way of inviting community folks like you to dive in and actually make a difference. We're talking about creating all sorts of awesome units through this programConsider it your chance to volunteer your time, skills, and expertise. You get to be a superhero, helping us achieve big goals in our community.

No matter how you contribute, you're not just tagging along; you're a rockstar shaping the future of the Layers Community and the whole ecosystem. Cool, right?Part of what is required to Become a Layers Tribe Steward is to have a flair for leadership, be passionate about helping others, and have the desire to guide novices in your field.

Be part of the Tribe

Enable professional growth, networking, and access resources, we are empowering contributors to make an impact in Layers and Web3. Join to thrive, connect with peers, and shape the future of Decentralized Freelancing.

Passion for Web3

Bring your love of helping others in the web3 community to the vibrant Layers Tribe. Encourage beginners, have conversations, provide a newbie with a mentor, and plan learning activities.

Contribute to the Layers Protocol, create valuable content, and actively participate in the community to make a lasting impact on the web3 ecosystem.

You are a born leader

To become a valued member of the Layers Tribe, you need to embrace your natural leadership abilities and have a burning desire to make a difference in the web3 community. Lead by example, inspire others, and foster a collaborative environment by showcasing dedication, commitment, and integrity. Drive innovation by contributing to the development of the Layers Protocol and providing strategic insights.

What roles will you play

Answer Questions & Share Resources

You will be the go-to guru, providing expert answers to fellow members who need assistance. We will need you to identify, categorize, and share relevant materials that empower the Tribe (sub-community) you oversee.

Workshops, Webinars and AMAs

Facilitate Discussions

You are to generate discussion topics constructively and respectfully, encourage participation from all members, and lastly, ensure discussions stay on topic and productive.

Workshops, Webinars and AMAs

Organize Challenges & Events

Tribe Stewards will occasionally craft engaging challenges that spark innovation within the members of the Tribe they oversee. Craft workshops, webinars, and AMAs that bring the community together.

Content Creators

Do you have a knack for content creation? Share your unique perspective through blog posts, articles, infographics, or videos.

Help with Feedbacks & Criticisms

Project Reviews

You will help in offering constructive feedback on submitted projects on certain days. Each role plays a vital part in building a vibrant and enriching community. Join us and use your unique talents to shape the future of  Layers Tribe!


Add a brief summary about why we are giving benefits and what is the purpose of this.

Gain Visibility

By joining the Contributors program, your profile will be displayed on our website, increasing your visibility to potential employers or recruiters. This can enhance your chances of being noticed and considered for relevant opportunities.

Exclusive Access

As a member of the program, you will gain exclusive access to certain sponsorship benefits. This include opportunities to collaborate with sponsors, and receive special recognition or support from sponsoring organizations.

Early Access

Being part of the contributors program grants you early or exclusive access to partnership benefits. This involve access to special programs, resources, or services offered through partnerships with other organizations or industry leaders.

Exclusive Merch

Imagine being the one of the few to represent Layers with early access to merchandise such as T-Shirts, Goodie Bags, Pins, Stickers and maybe some more exclusive products that you will receive before others. Be part of the tribe and represent decentralized economy.

Become a Contributor